Control your Money and Purchases

Being wise with shopping can save you a lot of money. Staying with more money in your pocket is something we all want to experience and the good thing is that it is not necessary to make drastic changes.


Worth buying things in cash

Worth buying things in cash

For example, it is worth buying things in cash and of the best quality that your budget can reach. since when you buy cheap and lower quality things, you end up spending others replacing them. Buying something better although more expensive saves you money in the long term. Now, I know this is obvious, but if you’re going to spend money on something you want, and it costs so much money, take care of it. How many people do you know with a car that looks like a dump or a house that looks like a tornado that passed by? You work very hard for your money so take care of the things you buy.


When it comes to management

When it comes to management

Just keeping your checkbook very square and balanced can help you avoid bankruptcy. If you pay with a check or debit card, write it down immediately in your check history. Make a written budget every month before the month begins. Buy with cash and for some categories in your budget, put your money in envelopes to help you control your expenses. When the money runs out of that envelope, stop spending. If you feel tempted to take some money from another envelope, DON’T DO IT!

Now, one way to save on gas, for example, is that instead of driving there and here twice a day, plan to do more than one errand at a time. Make a list of everything you need and shop at the supermarket on the way home after work or after your child’s soccer game. This will save you time and money! Maybe the $ 20,000 pesos you saved here and the $ 30,000 saved here don’t seem like much, but believe me, you can see the difference in your budget.

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