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The roof is the part of the house that is subject to the harshest weather and wind conditions, and therefore it is very important for the house to keep tight. When the roof comes at a time when it is so bad that it no longer pays to pay to repair it, it is time for a replacement, and here you have to make a number of choices when building a new roof. fleshes this out

While building

Management and control of execution in progress 
Use of craftsmen or do-it-yourself work 

The simplest solution is to choose to put together a new roof coating of the same type as the existing ones, but you can also choose to switch to another type. Here you must, among other things, be aware of the difference between so-called heavy and lightweight roof coatings. If existing coatings are simple, the roof structure may not immediately carry a heavy coating. The roof slope also plays a role in the choice of coatings, as not all types of coatings are equally suitable for different roof slopes.

Insurance of buildings

Insurance loan

While in the planning stage, you can also consider whether changes to the roof should be made, for example in the form of skylights, which can provide more daylight in the rooms or the establishment of twigs.

In choosing a roof solution you must also take a position on the house, age and construction style to ensure a harmonious whole.

Independent roof solution, there are a number of laws and regulations to be respected, not least, the new code live up to higher insulation, and in most cases this will mean that the insulation thickness is increased somewhat in relation to the old roof.

Once you have built

In order to ensure a good result, it is important that the roof project is carefully planned and implemented carefully. The process is reviewed step by step in the key points:
Before you build a new roof:

Read in particular:
Choose the right roof solution for the house
Financial and budget
With the help of architect and other consultants
How to meet the roof insulation requirements?
Collection of offers

Agreements with craftsmen

loan agreement

Delivery and assessment of deficiencies
Construction accounting and payment
Guarantee of work and materials
How can you complain if things go wrong?

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