Why is podiatry important in health insurance?

There is no coverage in health insurance that may be considered unimportant. Some, which are apparently accessory, actually have a work in treatment and prevention well above what is thought. This is the case of podiatry , coverage within the health insurance of Good Finance family and that is a very important benefit throughout the life of the insured.

Important benefit for everyone

Important benefit for everyone

Our feet support the weight of the body, they are required even more when we practice sports, we walk with them thousands of kilometers throughout life, many times we subject them to the use of inadequate footwear or we go directly barefoot exposing them to multiple risks … These reasons and many more, podiatry is such an important benefit for everyone, we explain it to you.

From childhood to adulthood

From childhood to adulthood

Since starting to walk, podiatry is already an important benefit since in the first years pathologies that require podiatric treatment such as the appearance of flat feet or cavos can be developed more easily. In addition, it should be borne in mind that children perform practices as common among the youngest as going barefoot in swimming pools or sports facilities that often involves the spread of papillomas. When you are a teenager the risks continue, especially for athlete’s foot infections.

As we are older, the use of inadequate footwear and increased day-to-day activity are triggers of problems such as low back pain, or overloads that may have their origin in our feet or that directly affect them as ingrown toenails, fungus, sweating excessive, or sports injuries such as plantar fasciitis. The older, other diseases such as bunions or hammer toes become more frequent.

Podiatry in the care of diabetics

Podiatry in the care of diabetics

A special case that highlights the importance of podiatry as care and prevention is among diabetic patients. Diabetes can cause serious foot problems, in which a small wound can have very important consequences.

First, diabetes causes nerve damage, which results in reduced sensation in the feet and that we do not detect wounds, rubs, blisters and any other type of lesions that occur with relative frequency. If we add to this that the blood flow in the feet is reduced, and therefore the cure times are much longer, the risk of infections is multiplied.

To avoid important problems, in addition to the cures, the prevention work of the podiatrist is essential. In addition to checking the feet every day and having adequate hygiene (washing them daily, controlling their moisture and perspiration), the podiatrist’s job is essential in nail care to avoid cuts or if you have ingrown toenails, care for hardness, calluses and Any anomaly detected.

For prevention, for welfare or for health, podiatry is another fundamental benefit that must be in our insurance.

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